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  • 5/15/07: You can watch the School COP training video. (Adobe Flash required)

  • 8/8/05: The Support page has been updated, with some new Frequently Asked Questions.

  • 8/5/05: "Guide to Developing, Maintaining, and Succeeding with Your School Resource Officer Program" is available at the COPS Office web site.

  • 9/2/2003: Version 1.3 and an upgrade from 1.1/1.2 to 1.3 are available on the download page.

  • 11/12/2002: Please contact us if you are interested in testing a beta version of the "School COP Viewer." The School COP Viewer is a modified version of School COP that enables users to view -but not add, edit, or delete - incident information. The Viewer is intended for sites that have installed School COP on a network, but want to restrict some users to read-only access of School COP data.

  • 9/20/2002: Please share your School COP success stories with us or let us know if you're interested in presenting your success story at a school safety conference. We are especially interested in learning how School COP influenced decisions by your school board or superintendent, or helped solve a problem in your school.

  • 9/20/2002: An upgrade to Version 1.2 and other utilities are now available on the Download page.

  • 9/05/2002: The Office of Community Oriented Policing Services "Guide to Using School COP to Address Student Discipline and Crime Problems" available in PDF format.

  • 1/14/2002: School COP can now be networked over a local or wide-area network. Networking instructions are now on the Download page.

  • 1/10/2002: A Merge utility is now available on the Download page. Sites without networking capabilities can use the Merge utility to combine several School COP databases into a single database.


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