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  • Capabilities: School COP enables a school or school district to enter, analyze, and map incidents, including school rule violations and crimes, that occur in and around schools. School COP can include incident data from a single school or several schools (for example, schools in a district).

  • Users: Target School COP users include school security staff, school police departments, school resource officers, and school administrative staff.

  • Technical Requirements: School COP runs on Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, and 7 personal computers. There is no Mac version. On Windows 2000 and more recent, you need to have "administrative" rights in Windows in order to install and run School COP. There is no 64-bit version of School COP -- if you have Windows 7, 64-bit you need to download and install the virtual Windows XP desktop to run School COP.

  • Customized Incident Coding: Schools can enter their own codes for describing attributes of incidents (for example, incident type, severity, status, special circumstances codes) and attributes of persons involved in incidents (for example, actions taken and special characteristics codes). These codes are used when new incidents are entered in the system.

  • Searching: School COP includes a flexible search capability. Searches can be made for incidents containing any specific value (for example, all incidents that occurred in the cafeteria) or combination of values (for example, all incidents that occurred in a specific month that involves a suspension of a student).

  • Mapping: School COP can produce maps showing the location of incidents within school buildings or on school grounds.

  • Graphing: School COP can produce an assortment of graphs, including bar graphs and pie charts.

  • Reporting: School COP includes a variety of pre-formatted tabular reports, including reports that summarize a specific incident or set of incidents and that aggregate incidents by month or school.

  • Sample Database: School COP comes with a sample database that can be used to explore these and other features.


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